Friday, May 1, 2015

The 2015 Season is upon us - welcome back Muskoka


It's been a month since my last trip up to check on the cottage and I was sinking into knee high snow.  Guess what it is basically all gone.  The ice is off the lake, I think it has just sunk though, it was freezing - a great place to keep your Chardonnay . :)  Our friends have a winterized cottage (what a novel idea so we went up to spend the day and night with them.  

The cottage season has started - a good meal, lots of yakking, a couple bottles of wine and as we weren't swimming or golfing or boating a couple of new games.  Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity.  Apples is a family game, Cards against Humanity is NOT.  I wouldn't even play with with my 20 year olds.  LOL  but we had lots of giggles.  And there were a few comments like "I don't even know what this card means".  Yes we are old enough and good enough friends to admit that now.  One of the words I asked one of the kids about and got a "Nope - not going there mom".  Still don't know what it means and I'm scared to google it in case I get reported.

OK you are probably wondering why I put this photo in.  Look at the cool branch just above the roof on the right side of the picture.

Still a few little clumbs of snow, "melt snow melt".  I am sure they will be gone by this weekend.  Although I am also sure that the 2 feet of ice under our cottage will still be there.

Water levels are high, but thankfully not high enough to do any serious damage.  Luckily there hasn't been very much rain this year, yet.

One of my favourite points at Walker's Point.  Sun in the morning, sun in the evening.  The Best.

New construction has started.  It's on our bucket list for our cottage.  That bucket is getting too heavy to lift up - need to cross some more things off of it.  :)

Cottage time - relaxing time.  Kick back, put your sweats on (eventually bathing suits).  Makeup is optional.

Is there any place on earth better than the Muskokas.  Not in my heart.  

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