Monday, March 9, 2015

A Bevy of Swans have arrived on the Severn River

After what feels like 6 months of cursing and cussing the fluffy white stuff, I suddenly had a panic attack when I realized that I hadn't been up north to take any snow pictures.  What if it is all gone by the weekend.  That was my first brain freeze of the day.  There is no chance this snow is going to be gone before April 1.   First stop Muskoka Bay to check out the Segwun and Wenonah.  They are listing a little, but otherwise looking ready to get wet.

Off to our little cottage I went, oh oh as I turned down our road, my car started slipping and sliding.  Well not stopping when I am this close I continue down to our neighbours driveway and park at the top.  Say a little prayer that my car won't get stuck and head off down his driveway (it's plowed ours isn't).

 I soon realize that there is a good chance I might get stuck and not be discovered until May.  There is no way I can get across to my cottage, each footstep off the path goes down into the snow halfway up my thigh.

Our neighbour has some amazing art work in his garden, I love snooping around when no one is there.

Back up to the car, here's hoping.  OK, this is not looking good.  Forward isn't working, thank goodness for reverse for some reason in the snow my car goes much better backwards.  Finally on the road, this is going to be fun, pedal to the metal and off I go, I should be ok if I don't have to stop.  Next stop is Bala Falls.  Yeah, the water is running.

 I am thinking people should be preparing for some major flooding, this is only the 2nd real day of melting and there are puddles everywhere.  The drains are plugged and the water is pooling everywhere.

  My feet are a little wet, but one more stop to see how the water is flowing at the Severn River.  I head down to the river and all I can hear is a cacophony of honks.  What the heck is that.  Oh my a bevy of swans have moved into the basin of the river.

 Looks like mating season is in full swing.  Lots of partnering being done, not sure if that is what all the honking is about or not.

 A number of these swans were tagged, Yellow K28 was very comfortable visiting the Severn River.  They were also very comfortable around people.  A couple of times I started backing up as they looked like they were going to see if I was edible.  :)

One of my favourite 4 hour drives in southern Ontario.  Up highway 11 to Gravenhurst, along 169 to the 38 through the Wahta Reserve to Hwy 400 and down the Georgian Bay side.  My other expectation was beautiful sunset pictures today.  Hello I totally forgot the sun was setting an hour later today.  Looks like another trip will have to be planned.

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