Monday, October 27, 2014

Johnston's Cranberry Marsh and a quick ride around Muskoka

This is definitely my last drive up to Muskoka for 2014, absolutely 100% for sure.  :)  Probably not, I have a hard time staying away from this beautiful part of Ontario.  I picked up my good friend MJ at 11:15 and off we went.  Sky is a little gray, around 10 degrees, but no rain.  We are off.

Great drive up, we are at the Muskoka Wharf by 1:45 and sitting at a lovely table looking over the Bay at the Dock of the Bay restaurant in Gravenhurst.  Their soups are amazing and the Dock Steak Slider appetizer is phenomenal which MJ and I split.  That way we didn't feel guilty about having a Brocolli and Potato 3 cheese soup - mouth watering.  The next 2 pictures are the views from the restaurant.  Next time I see this area it will be white and icy.

Impossible to stop at the wharf and not take a picture of the Segwun and Wenonah.

The only 4 legged wild life we saw today.  Looking a little skinny, hopefully he has lots of acorns hidden and not in my cottage.

This is our 17th summer at the cottage and I can't believe my first visit to the Johnston's Cranberry Marsh and Muskoka Lakes Winery.  It will not be my last.  Lots of beautiful walking trails.  I had seen pictures of the marsh before but never expected this.  Red water, and we missed the high harvest time.  Next year I will be back in early October.  

The red to the left are cranberries waiting to be harvested.  

Harvesting the cranberries.  That water must be pretty cold.  

There is a pretty little store with all sorts of wine, knick-knacks, jams, jellies and you can also have a tour showing how the cranberries are processed.  

The marshes are full of life with herons and birds, but also amazing petrified trees and branches.  

The one below here reminds me of a rabbit and a squirrel.  Must be getting close to Halloween.  

I don't think my arms are long enough to do this selfie justice, but here it is :)

We drove home down the 400, a total different view from Hwy 11, great vistas overlooking Georgian Bay.  Looks like I may have to go back up next week.  When we dropped by our cottage we seem to have acquired another dock.  So pick up some rope and the blower and I'll be back up on the weekend.  Please stay away rain and snow :))

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