Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall in Muskoka, beautiful Grandview golf course

The cottage is basically closed and so are the Muskoka golf courses.  We are heading to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday (only 4 days - not snowbirds yet).  I gather the weather is quite different than what we have had in Muskoka for the last couple of weeks (29C vs 2C).  I am sure it will help me recover from the shock of summer being over.

In the last couple of weeks Jim and I managed to play Lake Joseph and Grandview.  I spent more time over my pictures than I did over my shots.  The golf courses are a great way to really see the colours as they have such nice big fairways and you are up and down hills, just amazing again this year (yes I know it happens every year but every year I am awed by Mother Nature).

These shots are all from Grandview.  Also known for the best ladies tees in the system.  There are about 4 holes where Jim barely makes it to my tee box.  Jim calls this a "blew by you" which means I get to sing "I'm going back some day, come what may to BLEW BY YOU".  I take every opportunity I can to sing.  Next year I will have to learn a few more lines.  :)

This is the 2nd of the "Blew By You" holes.  If the guys are lucky enough to get a good hit, 80% of the time it rolls back down the hill.  Too bad  My tee box is at the top of the hill. :)

Beavers have been busy getting ready for the winter.  

This is the famous 9th hole.  Jim definitely doesn't make the red tees.  Not only does he have to hit it over this wall of rock (which he does easily) but then my tee box is another 50 to 100 yards away.  I love IT!!!!

Wouldn't be Muskoka in the fall without another beautiful wedding.  

The entrance to the pro shop.  Don't tell King's Riding I said this, but definitely the most beautiful clubhouse in the ClubLink chain.  

 We made it through 9 holes without any rain, a little chilly and a little slow.  So off we went back to the cottage for a nice fire and a glass of wine to go with our pizza.

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