Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Have you been to a Farmers Market yet? Try the one at Gravenhurst

"Tis the season to be merry."  Or at least be overwhelmed with the colours of all the fresh produce at our Ontario Farmer's Markets.  Everything you eat tastes like a little bit of sunshine.  Ontario apricots, peaches, raspberries and oh my those wild blueberries.  I was devastated when I found out they only take cash.  I had $30 and needed tomatoes, potatoes, raspberries and peaches.  The wild blueberries were $24 but oh so worth it.  You only spoil yourself once right.  OK maybe 2 or 3 times over the summer.  But you have to get your dose before the snow comes - right!!.  Yes these are peppers, red, orange, green, baskets and baskets of them.  So fresh.  

The wonderful thing about the Gravenhurst Farmers Market on every Wednesday from 9 to 2, is if you are lucky enough to cottage on Lake Muskoka you can take your boat over, rather than drive.  It just makes the whole experience a little more special.  No I didn't take the boat today, I was sneaking in my visit between fixing up resumes, and I was a little nervous being by myself in the boat.  OK OK excuses excuses, next time.

trying to be artistic

sign me up for a trip on the old wooden Muskoka boat.  

The farmers market is for all ages.  And they can all find something to buy.  Lots of little outfits for little ones, and all handmade, knit sweaters, smock dresses, tie-dye - yes I said tie-dye.  I actually had a couple of them growing up (definitely dating myself now).  Then there are crafters and artisans.  Absolutely beautiful granite and wood cutting boards.  Metal fire pits and decorations.  Yes you can even order a wooden boat, definitely a row boat.  Painters, sketchers, jewellers, something for everyone.
Northbound Elements, can definitely picture that bear welcome sign at the cottage.

Jessica's artwork speaks for itself.  Beautiful

Peter Wainwright meets you at the entrance with some of his lovely guitar melodies. 

Everytime I have been here the homemade sausage on a bun has been the longest line-up.  Next time I will definitely have to try it.  There is also a pizza oven making fresh pizza.  Tacos, homemade donuts, you could spend all day there just eating.

I always make a stop at the Milford Bay Trout Farm for their smoked trout.  A family and friend favourite.  A little fresh baquette, some butter, a little trout, washed down with a little wine, perfect on the dock, or anywhere :).

 The Farmers Market is for all ages, put it on your list of things to do this summer.  Every small community in Ontario has one.  You could go to a different one every day.  Here's a list of our Muskoka Farmer's Markets.  

These are just a few of the vendors at the Gravenhurst Farmer's Market.  oh btw there is an ATM machine in case you run out of cash.  :))

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