Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Muskoka, Spring has arrived, Woodpeckers, Loons and the odd bug

My brother and sister-in-law gave me this as a gift.
Notice it says "Welcome Wine" not "Welcome Friends".  lol they know me well :)

Spring was slow in coming, but oh so well worth the wait.  Yes there are bugs, oh my there are bugs, first weekend of raking was black flies, yum yum they love my ears.  This weekend was mosquitoes, they were out all day.  They didn't stop us, Jim and I learned the art of tag team.  Grab the whipper snipper, snip snip, run back to the front, pass the snipper and off you go again.  Our backyard had forget-me-nots and dandelions that were 12 to 18 inches high, absolutely everywhere.  Once they were all cut (I think the mosquitoes were hiding in wait amongst them all), then the blowing started.  Unfortunately - Kids - we didn't get it all done.  Bring your rakes this weekend :).

The front garden is shaping up nicely.  I have learned over the years that as much as I love flowers, my garden nik naks take less care.  I haven't killed a gnome yet, while flower baskets are my downfall.  Must be the water :)

Has anyone else noticed the number of birds around this year.  Even at home we have had lots of different birds and just lots of birds.  Our neighbour has a large collection of feeders so we benefit from all the birds coming to visit his feeders.  This was the weekend of Woodpeckers, big and little.

The next morning we are sitting on the deck enjoying our coffee when in swoops, yes I said swoops and the Pileated Woodpecker, definitely swooped in.  Of which I whooped, almost spilled my coffee and snuck into the house to get my camera.  He was very accommodating this year.  He is normally very elusive, if we are lucky we spot him once a year at the cottage and once a year at home in the spring and fall.  But wow your timing has to be perfect to see him.

And how can you have a day without a visit from the haunting loon.  We have had 2 large ones hanging around this year, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I might actually see babies.  In 16 years in Muskoka, haven't seen a baby yet.  But I am sure this might be the year.

Muskoka, once discovered, never forgotton.  
Might be the best regional motto out there, so true.

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