Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Muskoka Bay Golf - What a beautiful Golf Course

 The 9th hole is the signature hole for the Muskoka Bay Golf Club and I can understand why after having the pleasure of playing it last Sunday.  We were invited to a cocktail reception and a game of golf to introduce us to their club.

Right from the drive in, your mouth is hanging open, ok not a good visual, but WOW.  Long windy road through some lovely villas and homes.  After parking you are shuttled up to the Club House and it is magnificent.  Set on what I presume is the highest piece of the property looking down over the golf course, it is very impressive.  There is a lovely balcony where they served wine and appetizers.  The clubhouse is surrounded by 2 pools (one an infinity pool), a fire pit and their dining room and grill restaurant.  

After attending a couple of timeshare talks this year, we were a little skeptical about actually getting to play golf.  Amazingly, the talk took about 15 to 20 minutes and then you could take a tour of the facilities, which we did and then off for a game of golf.  

I've been very lucky (lol you should see my handicap) to have played some beautiful courses and this is definitely up in my top 10.  To me it felt like I was in British Columbia in the mountains.  There were lots of elevation changes.  You felt so secluded from the outside world and most of the time from other golfers.  I don't even know what you call it in Muskoka, felt like a mountain/hill but I guess it is just a big rock :).  

There were lots of ponds, yes lots of mosquitoes.  It was a grey day with a very low ceiling, no breeze so the bugs were a problem.  But it is Muskoka, and thankfully not Winnipeg (super-sized mosquitoes).  

Enjoy my pictures.  

The reflections were amazing, I am picturing some great puzzles.

The Golf club did a great job of maintaining the natural beauty of the course, while adding in beautiful pathways.

The 18th hole and the beautiful clubhouse.  The restaurants are at the back looking out over the course.  Definitely picturing have a glass of wine here in the summer.

Thank you to Chuck, Laurie and Sherry for a great experience.  Definitely looking forward to another game of golf and at the very least a meal on their beautiful balcony.  

I think I'm trying to kill a deer fly here :)

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