Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring in Muskoka 2014 style

Supposed to be 7 degrees today, a little showery.  Grab my runners, probably not a day for my flip flops.  April 17 spring has arrived .... NOT in Muskoka.

Big mistake should have put my winter sorels on.  All the way up Hwy 400 and Hwy 11 we are watching the little pockets of snow.  And then we pass Orillia, those little pockets of snow are appearing much more frequently.

Stop at Timi's in Gravenhurst for a coffee and head down to the Muskoka Wharf to check out the Segwun and Wenonah.

"What on earth"  it's still WINTER.  The whole of Lake Muskoka is still frozen solid.  Like seriously I think you could still walk on it.  Not me walking on ice even in the dead of winter makes me nervous.  Here are some pictures of Lake Muskoka last April 19, 2013.

The Muskoka Wharf has a couple of new shops going in and it was nice seeing the "Blue Willow Tea House" so busy.  Didn't have time to stop today, but will be heading back up next Saturday for a wee "cuppa".

As tired as I am of taking pictures of snow I never get tired of seeing and photographing the Segwun and Wenonah.

 This is our friends condo at the Muskoka Wharf, hope they are getting the bbq read to go.

  Lots of branches down, our neighbour lost 2 trees.  Below is our drainage ditch, a little plugged, hopefully by next week it is flowing down into the lake.  Think we may need welly boots for next weeks trip

 The little town of Bala still has lots of controversy surrounding the falls.  You can see why at this time of year a hydro plant would be beneficial.  But what a shame if it did anything to the beauty of the area.  Check out "Save the Bala Falls" for more information.

  Yes that's a scarf around my neck, I was kinda wishing I had a hat and gloves.  :)

At this time last year, a number of these cottages were flooded.  Docks were underwater and some major damage was happening.  Let's hope that the water flow is better maintained this year.  

The beautiful little church in Bala, looks like it has survived another winter and getting ready for the start of the busy tourist season.

"Muskoka Once Discovered, Never Forgotton".  I was as excited and nervous as a 5 year old at Christmas driving up this morning.  Now I am counting the sleeps until my first sleepover of the season.  Next week, slim chance, but definitely the week after.  Although probably without running water inside :).  I can cope I was a girl guide :))))).

Welcome back.

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