Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An early Father's Day boat ride for ice cream on Lake Muskoka

This is turning into the year of 1 day beautiful, 2 days rain or vice versa.  The Saturday before Father's Day was one of those beautiful days so off we hopped in the boat to go and get ice cream.  There are somethings you are never too old to do and going in the boat to the candy or ice cream store is definitely one of those things we all still love doing.  

Also a great weekend for a little gardening, surely we won't have any more frost.  Today I actually remembered to take a picture of the front of our cottage from the lake.  Shaping up pretty nice for the new season.
Today we are heading into Polar Dips at the Muskoka Wharf.  It is a beautiful boat ride, going through the Narrows and then into the Muskoka Bay.  
The water is still running high.  

The Captain is keeping his eyes open for picture opportunities for me.  

It's our lucky day we get to see the full Segwun, followed by an empty Wenonah.  Lots of waving and  horn tooting.

Finally the ice cream store.  The location for Polar Dips is especially lovely, you can eat your ice cream as you walk along the wharf, lots of parking - oops docking and delicious ice cream.  

The Captain is finished and ready to depart.  

The lighthouse going into the Bay

Two satisfied customers.  


I am thinking this may be the year of checking out all the ice cream stores we can get to buy boat.  After all you always need a destination - don't you !!!.

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