Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Artful Garden in Muskoka - August 3, 2013

A windy Monday up in Muskoka, a little too cool for swimming, and luckily my good friends Janine and Arlene were up visiting.  Janine who loves art shows suggested we go up to the Artful Garden for a visit.  I couldn't wait, usually when I get in the car at the cottage my husband and I are off to a golf course.  We grabbed our visa's and off we went.  

Adding a little bit more of an adventure I thought it  would be fun to drive the full circle, we headed off towards Bala and Port Carling and then would come back through Bracebridge.  The exciting thing about going this way that we didn't know at the time is that we discovered Wendy Moses Gallery, which is just down the road from the Artful Garden.  An absolutely delightful setting with pictures that just oozed happiness and colour.  Wendy was just like her artwork, bright and breezy with lots of energy.  Definitely worth a visit.  

Just down the road is the Artful Garden an absolutely delightful, whimsical perennial garden owned by John and Susan Partridge.  John is a well known potter in the region and their garden is open to 100's of visitors for 3 weeks every summer just at the height of the summer colours.  Huge cone flowers, black eyed susans, etc intermixed with bark pathways, little shacks, roosters and chickens running around make a wonderful setting for displaying over 40 artists and potters.  I was absolutely mesmerized.  Everywhere you looked were pieces of art intermingled amongst natures beauty.  John and Susan have put together a truly memorable experience.  I think I might have to take a book and a coffee for my next visit O:)
Admission is free, there is a donation jar, but no pressure to donate.  Needless to say the 3 of us purchased some beautiful pieces.  My first piece was by David Hickey, “3 birds on a branch” – bright blue little sparrow looking birds done in metal on a long pole with a branch at the top.  I had just the perfect spot for it.  My next piece was by JP Schoss – “Cat with Bird” .  LOL  the names don’t leave you guessing.  Yes Cat with Bird was a bright red metal cat with a bird on its tail.  (much better than the way my Cleo likes her birds).    The hardest part of the whole day was picking the piece you wanted.  There was also an “Ugly Fish” that I am going to drag Jim up to see, maybe, hopefully, possibly  LOL

The Artful Garden is definitely worth the visit, in fact I am marking it on my calendar for next year.  


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