Thursday, October 17, 2013

Muskoka Boathouses and Cottages - August 7, 2013

What would a trip in the boat be without taking pictures of some of the wonderful boathouses and cottages on Lakes Muskoka, Rousseau and Joseph.

Boathouse just being built across from Lake Jo Golf Club
and Waters Edge
Water's Edge a great place for lunch or dinner
If there isn't enough room in the cottage you can stay in the boathouse O:)
A humble abode, room for a few close friends and family

A new style boathouse starting to appear on the Lakes,
reminds me a little of a pagoda
A very old, original boathouse as you
approach Port Carling from Lake Rousseau
One of my favourite on Millionaire's Row on Lake Muskoka.
 I would love to see the cottage.
On the Indian River, does the job,
keeps the boat dry
Another beautiful piece of property on the Indian River,
connecting Lake Muskoka to Rousseau and Joseph

Love this sign.  The speed limit on the Indian River is 9 km.  This sign
does a good job of getting the point across.
This is just a few of the 100's of beautiful boathouses on the Muskoka Lakes.  I never get tired of taking pictures of them.  So be prepared for another blog on them.

Have a wonderful day.

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