Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hardy Lake Muskoka - A Walk in the Woods

Only 1.5 hours from Toronto is a beautiful 250 acre pristine lake with no cottages and no boats, surrounded by a beautiful forest.  Serene, peaceful, quiet are just a few words to say about this lake, although I gather I was quite chatty as my husband and I walked 1/2 way around the lake.  Jim and I quite regularly walk the golf course, hit the ball walk, hit the ball walk, today he had to change his flow to take a picture walk, take a picture walk.  And stop and help Lynne over trees, over little creeks, along the side of rock faces.

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Surrounding the lake are marshes full of wildlife, which I think my chatting might have scared off.  I was also practicing my moose calls, no luck.  Will have to try and perfect it.  I am determined to see a moose, somewhere, anywhere :).

 It is amazing to see the way trees and vegetation cope in a forest.  Roots growing over rocks, bending branches stretching to catch the sunlight.  Trees fall and are returned to nature with the help of the bugs and weather.  The ones that land in the water become wonderful homes for fish to lay their eggs and enjoy some tasty meals from the vegetation and bugs that grow on them.

 That little knob on the tree above looks like a beaver head :)

 An amazing balancing act, looks like it would make a great teepee.

 We saw a few beaver dams, but no tree damage, maybe there are enough trees falling down naturally they don't need to cut their own.

I took a picture of a similar rock on Hardy Lake in October of 2010 on a walk with my girlfriends.  The colourful maple in full dress behind it and the reflections in the water made for a breathtaking picture moment.

 For a wee bit of a grey day, the reflections were amazing.  And to think this wonderful spot is so close.  A word of advice don't try and get near it Thanksgiving Weekend, there are cars parked everywhere and wall to wall people enjoying this beautiful piece of Ontario.

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