Monday, January 20, 2014

A Winter Wonderland in Muskoka

We have a lovely cottage in Muskoka, but it isn't winterized, truthfully it isn't even "fallized".  So when it gets cold and damp, lock the door and see you in the spring.  This weekend has now started all sorts of talk of how to winterize our cottage.  It's a whole different world up there in the winter.

White, everywhere.  The ground had 7 foot snow drifts, roads were covered, snow was in the air and the sky was pretty grey.  Our first stop needless to say was in Gravenhurst.  Just had to check out the Segwun and Wenonah and see how they were coping with the record temperatures and snowfalls that have hit Muskoka this season.

After Gravenhurst we headed up to Bracebridge.  The sky was getting grayer and a few flakes were starting to drop.  Yeah, more snow.  We stopped at the Muskoka Brewery on the way into Bracebridge (see next post, it was so much fun it gets its own post).  Our friends told us about this lovely little pub called the Griffin in Bracebridge.  The cold was making us hungry.  lol.  Everything makes us hungry these days.  So off we went for lunch.

The Bison Burger, warms the cockles of your heart
 I just had to have their vegetable roti. delish.  Best fries ever
All the years we have had a cottage up there, Jim had never been to the falls or the Bird Woollen Mill.  It was closed and covered in snow, but the water was still rushing like Niagara and the snow and ice made it stunningly beautiful.

The beautiful Irvine Robinson Interior Store, always worth a pop in.
 Back in the car and off to Touchstone , for the night  a beautiful resort in between Bracebridge and Port Carling on Lake Muskoka.  We had a corner unit looking out over the lake.  Off in the distance were ice fishing huts and snowmobilers were racing up and down the lake.  Inside the fireplace was on and a glass of wine was in our hands for the start of a great night with good friends in a fairyland place.

Waiting for Spring

A wonderful weekend, and like these lovely muskoka chairs I can't wait for spring.  

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